What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply allowing yourself to be guided into a relaxed state of consciousness. This very natural state is one that you experience many times each day, such as when you drift into a daydream while doing a repetitive task like driving, during meditation, and just before you fall asleep. In this relaxed state, often referred to as a trance, it is possible access parts of your brain in new ways in order to elicit lasting changes in behavior. Since hypnosis does not take place in the sleep state, you will be able to speak, remember what is said, and move, if that is your desire. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so it is your choice to enter into a trance or to leave it at any time, and you cannot be forced to violate your own moral or ethical code of behavior.

The Process

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The first step in this process is always a conversation where you will share your desired outcome, and then collaborate with Fran on a plan for positive results. Every person has within them the knowledge on how to best achieve their highest vision of their unique life, and Fran will help you access your personal wisdom. Fran is your guide as you allow yourself to reach a deeply relaxed state, where she will use imagery and positive suggestions to replace the negative patterns currently in place in your subconscious mind. This process empowers you by changing your inner programming, resulting in your desired changes in behavior. You will receive a recording of your session, and will leave with suggestions for follow-up activities in between sessions. Some other possible tools for transformation include age regression, past-life regressions, chakra clearing and balancing, guided visualizations, and gremlin work.


Clients who experience the greatest benefit from hypnosis are highly motivated for change, are open to allowing the reprogramming of their subconscious mind through deeper relaxation, and consistently engage in the at-home processes. Most clients experience their desired life change within two to six sessions.

Specific goals may include the following:

  • Access your own inner wisdom of your Authentic Self
  • Release old patterns, habits, and limiting beliefs
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Release negative emotions
  • Balance moods
  • Increase creativity
  • Overcome fears of taking tests, public speaking, flying, heights, making cold calls, crossing bridges
  • Prepare for surgical procedures and post-operative recovery
  • Relieve pain

Pricing: Oasis Hypnotherapy sessions are $125 per session.