All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Pilates Class


Pilates found me three years ago. I was in the middle of a huge time of transition, including an exciting cross-country move, and I was feeling quite ungrounded. Over the years of learning this new discipline, I’ve discovered some essential lessons to take with me outside of class. Before we begin any sitting posture, my wonderful teacher, Stephanie, always says, “Sit up tall.” As I do this, I can feel energy flowing through me in a new way, as my breath is able to fill my lungs deeply. I am reminded of how often I hold my breath as I go through my day, a typical stress response. Sitting (or standing) up tall brings me back to this moment of present awareness, the place of power.

Before we do any action in our class, Stephanie asks us to engage our core. Focusing on my inner core strength allows me to show up in the world as my authentic self, confident in who I am, and unafraid to bring my gifts into the world.

Next Stephanie will remind us to restabilize before we move into the next position. We all make mistakes, lose our center, and otherwise become flustered during our day. All it takes is one moment of awareness, one deep breath, and we can instantly restabilize as we find our center core strength once again.

And in between all of the many postures of our class, we take time to relax into the Child’s Pose, completely surrendering our body as we rest for a moment before returning to the next series of poses.

Sit up tall. Engage your core. Restabilize. Rest. Thank you, Stephanie for your Life Wisdom disguised as a Pilates class.

Photo: For Web (27) by Robert Bejil Photography

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